Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
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University Committees



Salary Anomalies Committee

Michèle Lamarche


Employment Equity Advisory Committee


Job Evaluation Committee (Hay)

Annabelle Mineault (Co-Chair)

Paulette Arsenault

Julie Chabot

Anthony Daigle

Sylvie Desrochers

Line Roy

Andrée Savage

Michèle Lamarche

Claire Desaulniers

Michelle Le Gallez

Pension Plan Committee

Jonathan Degan

 Alp Oran

Marc Villeneuve

Joint University Occupational Health and Safety Committee

See Below 

Career Development Fund Committee

Julie Monette

Marcelle Desmornes

Innovative Suggestions Committee

Kim Nesbitt

Julie Lavigne

Parking Committee

Paul-Cezar Tanase

Joanne Souaid


University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee
Main Committee
Panos Argyropoulos Alex Forest             
Office Safety Sub-Committee
    Elizabeth Campbell Sheena Levesque      Alain Léger
Laboratory Safety Sub-Committee
Scott Dick Monique Maisonneuve vacant
Protection and Physical Resources Safety Sub-Committee
Joanne Cousineau Andrée-Anne Caron       

* certified health and safetfy committee member

The website with the
complete list of members on the Joint University Health and Safety Committee.

Terms of Reference for the Joint University Occupational Health and Safety Committee are attached below.

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